Tanabata 七夕

G'day! みなさんこんにちは。G'day! Hello everyone.



In Japan, there are many events that have been handed down from generation to generation.


The Tanabata Festival, which I will introduce today, is one of them.


七夕は7月7日にお祝いする行事です。Tanabata is an event celebrated on July 7.


7月上旬にはこの短冊が飾られた笹を日本のいたるところで見ることができます。According to legend, during the Tanabata season, people write their wishes on strips of paper called tanzaku and hang them on bamboo branches to make their wishes come true. In early July, you can see these tanzaku decorated bamboos everywhere in Japan.


ではなぜこのような行事があるのでしょうか。Why is this event held in Japan?

日本では以下のような物語が言い伝えられています。In Japan, there is a story that goes as follows.


昔あるところに、神様の娘の「織姫」と、若い男性の「彦星」がいました。Once upon a time, there was Orihime, the daughter of the emperor, and Hikoboshi, a young man.

織姫は機織りの仕事をしており、彦星は牛の世話をしていて、どちらも働き者でした。Orihime worked as a weaver, and Hikoboshi tended cows.


そこで神様はこの2人を引き合わせたところ、2人は一目ぼれし、やがて結婚しました。When the emperor brought the two together, they fell in love at first sight and were eventually married.

ところが、今まで働き者だった2人は急に遊んで暮らすようになり、全く働かなくなってしまいました。However, the hardworking couple suddenly began to live a life of idle amusement and stopped working altogether.

怒った神様は、2人の間に川を作って離してしまいました。The emperor was so angry that he created a river between them and separated them.

悲しみにくれた2人は泣き続けました。The two were so sad that they kept crying.

それを見た神様は、前のようにまじめに働いたら、1年に1度だけ、2人を会わせてくれると約束しました。Seeing this, the emperor promised them that if they worked diligently as before, he would allow them to see each other only once a year.

それから2人は心を入れ替えて一生懸命働くようになったのです。Then, the two changed their minds and began to work hard.


この川が夜空に流れる「天の川」、1年に1度だけ会える日が7月7日というわけです。This river is the "Milky Way" flowing in the night sky, and July 7 is the day on which they can meet only once a year.

日本では夏にあたる7月ごろ天の川がよく見えます。In Japan, the Milky Way is often visible in July, which falls in summer.

ただし、雨が降ると天の川が現れず、この2人も会うことができません。However, if it rains, the Milky Way does not appear and the two cannot meet.

そこで、7月7日には晴れてこの2人が無事会えるよう祈るととともに、自身の願いも短冊に書いて願うことが習慣になりました。Therefore, it has become a custom to pray for a clear sky on July 7 so that the two can meet safely, and also to write one's own wish on a tanzaku strip.


7月に日本に来る機会があればぜひ短冊が飾られた笹を探してみてください。If you have a chance to visit Japan in July, please look for bamboo branches decorated with tanzaku strips.

風情があり、夜風に揺れる笹はきれいですよ。They are quaint and beautiful when they sway in the night breeze.



・七夕とはどんなお祭りですか?どんな話が背景にありますか?What kind of festival is Tanabata? 

What is the story behind it?

・あなたの街ではそれ以外に7月に行うイベントがありますか?Are there any other events held in your town in July?

・あなたの街では星をきれいに見ることができますか?それはなぜですか?Can you see the stars beautifully in your city? Why is that?

・今までに一番きれいに星が見えたところはどこですか?どうしてそこにいきましたか?Where is the best place you have ever seen the stars? Why did you go there?

・あなたの国で昔から言い伝えられている話は他にありますか?それはどんな話ですか?Are there any other stories that have been handed down from generation to generation in your country? What are they?



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