Japanese Valentine's Day

G'day! How is it going?


Do you have any plans for Valentine's Day? Perhaps some say yes, while others say no.

That's all right.


Today, I will share Japanese Valentine's Day customs, not Australian ones.


In Japan, women give presents to men (their husbands or boyfriends), but men do not reciprocate.

This is the biggest difference compared to Australia, isn't it?


Additionally, the most common gift is chocolates.

Therefore, about 20% of the chocolate consumed in a year is consumed on this day.


Interestingly, chocolates are not only given to men but also to other people, resulting in a variety of present styles.


  • Honmei Choco: This chocolate is given by a woman to express her love for her husband or boyfriend. It's the most popular style.
  • Giri Choco: 'Giri' means courtesy. This chocolate is given by a woman to men who are not her lover, such as colleagues, siblings, or just friends.
  • Tomo Choco: 'Tomo (tomodachi)' means friends. This chocolate is given by a woman to her female friends.
  • My Choco: This chocolate is bought by women to reward themselves.


Men who receive gifts from women usually give them presents on White Day, which falls on the 14th of March.

However, Japanese women often say that men are sneaky because men only need to reciprocate the woman who gave them a gift, while women have to think about whom and how much they should give.


How do you feel about this Japanese custom? Enjoy your Valentine's Day!


Japanese Phrases Related to "Valentine's day"

  • 今年のバレンタインデーに誰かにプレゼントを贈る予定はありますか?(Kotoshino Valentine's day ni darekani purezentowo okuruyoteiwa arimasuka?):Do you have any plans to give someone a present for Valentine's Day this year?
  • オーストラリアのバレンタインデーの習慣を知っていますか?(Australia no Valentine's day no shukanwo shitteimasuka?:Do you know about Australian Valentine's Day customs?
  • 今までで一番うれしかったプレゼントは何ですか?。(Imamadede ichiban ureshikatta present ha nandesuka.):What was the happiest gift you've ever received?
  • 今までで一番うれしかったプレゼントは●●です。Imamadede ichiban ureshikatta present ha ●●desu.):The happiest gift I've ever received was ●●.
  • それらは誰からもらいましたか? (Sorerawa darekara moraimashitaka?) :Who did you receive it from?