Studio Ghibli
21. February 2024
G'day! How is it going? Have you ever watched a Japanese animated movie? As you may know, Studio Ghibli is Japan's leading animation production company, producing many globally famous films.

Plum blossom
15. February 2024
G'day! How is it going? As you may know, the cherry blossom is one of the flowers that represent Japan. However, there is another famous flower in Japan that blooms earlier than it: the plum blossom.

Japanese Valentine's Day
07. February 2024
G'day! How is it going?Do you have any plans for Valentine's Day? Perhaps some say yes, while others say no.That's all right.Today, I will share Japanese Valentine's Day customs, not Australian ones.

01. February 2024
G'day! How is it going? February has started today. In Japan, an event called "Setsubun" is celebrated in February. It is belived that spring begins on 4th of February, so Setsubun is observed on 3rd of February, the day before that.

Sapporo Snow Festival
24. January 2024
Hello! How are you? It's still summer in Melbourne, and I feel it's getting hotter, isn't it? On the other hand, it's winter in Japan!Especially in the northern areas, there's a lot of snow now. One famous event that uses snow is the Sapporo Snow Festival in Hokkaido prefecture.

09. January 2024
How was your holiday? I hope you are doing well and had a restful break! Continuing from last time, I would like to introduce Japan's New Year again.

Happy New Year!
02. January 2024
Palaygo is excited to announce a new service for senior high school students this year, extending what we have successfully offered to primary and junior high school students in the past. To kick off the year, we are launching a blog where we will provide information about Japan. Our inaugural theme is “New Year in Japan!”