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As you may know, the cherry blossom is one of the flowers that represent Japan. However, there is another famous flower in Japan that blooms earlier than it: the plum blossom. Plum blossoms usually bloom from early February to the middle of March.


Characteristics of plum blossoms include:

-Color: white, pink, red

-Petal: round

-Smell: sweet and strong


Compared to cherry blossoms, plum blossoms have darker colors and a larger number of petals per flower, giving them a rounder appearance.


The plum blossom, or simply plum, is deeply connected with Japanese culture.


1)Sign of spring:

It is considered a sign that spring is approaching, so the term "plum blossom" often appears in old Japanese music called "Waka." Even today, festivals to see the plum blossom are held in February, attracting many visitors.



"Umeboshi" is a Japanese food made by pickling plums in salt and perilla. It is usually eaten with rice for breakfast and used as a sauce for udon or pasta. Additionally, "Umeshu," a type of alcohol made from plums, is famous as one of the Japanese alcohols.




The plum flower pattern is also famous in Japanese culture and can be seen everywhere, including Japanese clothing, letters, pottery, and handkerchiefs. Each Japanese family has a family crest, called "Kamon," which is a logo mark that has been passed down for more than 1000 years to identify the family lineage, and this pattern is also used in it. The plum flower has been loved by people for a long time.


Besides, there are many stories about plum flowers related to Japanese culture. Please explore more yourself.

Japanese Phrases Related to "Flower"

  • 何の花が好きですか?(Nanno hanaga sukidesuka?):What kind of flower do you like?
  • 最近花を見たのはいつですか?どこで見ましたか? (Saikin hanawo motanowa itsudesuka?Dokode mimashitaka?):When did you recently see flowers? Where did you see them?
  • どんな時に花を見たいと思いますか?(Donnatokini hanawo mitaito omoimasuka?):When do you feel like seeing flowers?
  • 花の色と香りが好きなので、リラックスしたい時に花を見たいです。(Hanano iroto kaoriga sukinanode, relax shitaitokini hanawo mitaidesu.):I want to see flowers when I want to relax because I like flower's colour and smell.
  • 今年の春にお花見に行く予定です。(Kotoshino haruni ohanamini ikuyoteidesu.):I'm planning to go flower viewing this spring.

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