What is Palaygo?

Introducing Palaygo: An Australian Web-Based System for Language Learners


Palaygo is an innovative language learning platform created in Australia that is both patented and designed to help users enhance their cross-cultural communication skills. With its unique methodology, Palaygo enables direct and self-motivated learning, while also nurturing a supportive community that fosters effective peer learning.


Palaygo has proven to be highly effective in motivating students to learn languages other than English. Learners aspire to communicate more frequently with their overseas friends. This desire becomes a source of inspiration for continued language learning among students.


Join Palaygo today and experience a purposeful and meaningful language learning experience.




Communicating with PALs in a PLAYful manner using a unique PALette system and exchanging GO  (meaning language in Japanese).

So let's GO!

Use the language, learn the culture.

Encouraging Language Learning and Cultural Exchange through Interaction with Native Speakers!

How Palaygo works

The three Palaygo levels (Mail, Talk, Tour) are a progression of real experiences and increasing communication skills. The new and exciting discoveries students make through this real communication process stimulate their self-interest and motivation to learn languages and cultures.

Three Levels of Immersion

Students establish contact with overseas peers and nurture their interests in each other as well as their language and cultural knowledge. 


Students can proceed to talking and seeing each other in real-time, enabling them to further their relationships and enhancing their oral communication skills.

Students can opt to travel to their online friends’ countries and home stay and visit their schools.  

Safe International Platform

  • Closed proprietary platform
  • Multiple Security Features
  • Teachers have total control & visibility

"The website is safe, fast, and a great tool in extending the student’s linguistic and cultural knowledge."

- Japan Foundation, Sydney ”Classroom Resources”

Two Types of Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to use Palaygo?


Yes. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.


What arrangements are involved in starting to use Palaygo?


Please get in touch with us via the Contact page for the details.

Will students receive spam emails on Palaygo?


No. Users will not receive spam emails because Palaygo is a closed proprietary platform and is separate from normal email systems used on the open web. Therefore Palaygo is a safe and secure system for students and students will not be able to use their Palaygo IDs to send messages on ordinary email systems either.

We don't have a Sister School in Japan, can we use Palaygo?


You can join Palaygo without having a Sister School.

My students are only beginner level. Can they use Palaygo?


Yes. Palaygo is easy for beginners because the special mechanism will allow students to communicate with confidence regardless of their proficiency levels.