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Today marks the start of February!


In Japan, an event called "Setsubun" is celebrated in February.

It is belived that spring begins on the 4th of February, so Setsubun is observed on the 3rd of February, the day before that.

The purpose of this event is to cast away negativity like diseases and disasters and invite good luck.

Here are three main customs associated with Setsubun.


1)Eating "Ehomaki"

Ehomaki, a fat sushi roll, is eaten only on the 3rd of February.

When you eat it, you have to follow specific rules.

 - Look in the auspicious direction for that year while eating it. (this year, this direction is east-northeast)

 - Avoid cutting the roll (Cutting it symbolizes cutting good luck)

 - Refrain from talking until finishing the entire roll (speaking may dispel the luck).

 - Close your eyes and make a wish while eating it.

2)Throwing soy beans

We throw soy beans in the evening, which is called "Mamemaki".

We throw them in two directions with shouts.

 -Throwing them outside the house(or to a person who is wearing a mask of demon):  Shout "Oni wa soto" (means "Demons, get out")

 -Throwing them inside the house:  Shout "Fuku wa uchi" (means "May good fortune come to us")

Afterword, you eat a number of soybeans equal your own age plus one. By doing so, it is believed that your body will become strong and you won't get sick easily. 

3) Decorating with sardines

On Setsubun, a holly branch with a roasted sardine head is displayed on the front door. Sardine decorations are considered the natural enemy of demons because demons dislike the unique fishy smell of sardines, which helps keep them away.


I've shared information about Setsubun, one of Japan's traditional events, with you today.

Japanese Phrases Related to "traditional event"

  • 日本にはどんな伝統的なイベントがありますか?(Nihonniwa donna dentotekina ibentoga arimasuka?):What kind of traditional events are there in Japan?
  • 恵方巻を作ったことはありますか?(Ehomakiwo tsukuttakotowa arimasuka?:Have you ever made Ehomaki?
  • 私はお寿司が大好きです。(Watashiwa osushiga daisukidesu.):I love Sushi.
  • 日本の伝統的なイベントを体験してみたいです。(Nihonno dentoutekina ibentowo taikenshitemitaidesu.):I would like to experience a traditional Japanese event.

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