Sapporo Snow Festival

Hello! How are you?

It's still summer in Melbourne, and I feel it's getting hotter, isn't it?


On the other hand, it's winter in Japan!

Especially in the northern areas, there's a lot of snow now.

One famous event that uses snow is the Sapporo Snow Festival in Hokkaido prefecture.

It will be held from the 4th to the 11th of February this year.


It started in 1950 when snow monuments were built by junior and senior high school students.

The following year, it was officially recognised as an annual event by the city government.


This year marks the 74th event.

There are not only numerous snow monuments but also features like projection mapping and snow slides, attracting over 2 million visitors from Japan and abroad every year.

At night, the sculptures are illuminated, creating a fantastic world.

Hokkaido, the northernmost island in Japan, is also renowned for its delicious food, hot springs, and ski resorts, drawing many tourists.

Are you interested in the Sapporo Snow Festival? If so, please check out the official website!

Japanese Phrases Related to "Festival"

  • 日本にはどんなお祭りがありますか?(Nihonniwa donna omatsuriga arimasuka?):What kind of festivals are there in Japan?
  • そのお祭りはいつ開催されますか?(Sonoomatsuriwa itsu kaisaisaremasuka?:When is this festival held?
  • オーストラリアでは●月に●●というお祭りがあります。(Australia dewa ●gatsuni ●●toiu omatsuriga arimasu.):We have ●● festival in ●(Month) in Australia.
  • お祭りは好きですか?(Omatsuriwa sukidesuka?):Do you like festivals?